DGI Management, Inc.

Business and Product Development
I concentrate on collaborating with companies to help them develop new products and sell or license their existing products, materials or IP to third party companies resulting in:

  • ▪︎ Entirely new products or current product enhancements
  • ▪︎ Component of new products
  • ▪︎ Intellectual Property licensing

Accomplished through the process of facilitating a sale by actively combining the needs of two organizations often leading to a product development role as technology is “transferred.” The combination can create a new product, service or technology that extends markets for both firms.

A couple of examples:
Delphi Corporation’s patented corrosion resistant die casting alloy, K-Alloy™ was sitting in house solving significant internal engineering issues. Contracting with Delphi to market their IP allowed me to expand their market for K-Alloy worldwide. Some examples:
  • ▪︎ roof racks for major German automaker
  • ▪︎ corrosion resistant sailboat fittings for an Australian marine products manufacturer
  • ▪︎ green office furniture line for a leading US manufacturer
  • ▪︎ fishing reel frames for major international recreational products manufacturer
  • ▪︎ harsh environment electrical conduit products for a global leader in industrial technologies

These examples created revenue for the IP owners as well as manufacturers who created new or improved products. Newly licensed alloy smelters in several countries now have an exclusive, patented aluminum alloy to sell to their customer base.

Other recent projects include:
A major wine industry processing company was brought together with the leading weight loss food products distributor to create a line of lower calorie wines utilizing unique processing IP, extending markets for both companies. Product roll out is expected in 2017.

Development of new heatsinking products for electric vehicle, LED lighting and electronics manufacturers employing innovative materials and processing.

Give me a call. I would be happy to discuss strategies with you that could help achieve the business development results you seek.

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